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Thanks for visiting The website and music were created by me, Barb (BMC). I play piano, lead, rhythm guitar and drums and used my computer to compose, record and layer all of the tracks in all of the songs.

In 1995 I wrote and produced a CD and taught myself HTML to market the CD on the Internet. Since the CD sold well in stores without advertising, I decided to create a product line of gift items with the Spyce CD photograph. That required filing an application with the Patent Trademark Office (PTO) to request the TM rights for the name Spyce. I received a letter from the PTO in 1997 stating there was a problem with the PTO appication because the Spice Girls had also applied for trade mark rights. They couldn't allow both of us to use the name because it sounds the same and it didn't matter that they used the word "girls." I contacted Gloria Allred, she referred me to a Trademark attorney, and he said since I sold the CD and greeting cards world-wide on the Internet before the Spice Girls sold their products, I had "First Usage Rights." Thanks to their help, we signed an agreement to co-exist.

In 2001 my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I put my life on hold to help her through two surgeries and chemotherapy for fifteen months. After my mom passed away, I found a bank statement with large withdrawals. My brother was transferring thousands of dollars from bank accounts in my parent's names to bank accounts in his name. Dad had a poor memory so to protect him I put my life on hold and ended up spending eight years taking care of my parents while fighting a battle in probate court pro per; doing the work of an attorney, accountant, and paralegal.

To stay in touch with my passion for music, in 2005 I designed this site to allow webmasters to use my music on their website without having to pay royalty fees. The music files can also be used for videos for YouTube, etc.

To hear a sample of
me on lead guitar go here. You can find the Spyce CD here:

Thank you for visiting

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